FOR SALE / Denon PRA-6000 / POA-8000 set

SETPRICE: € 4.500,--

These dream pieces of audio-gear were made by Denon alongside the famous studio quality turntables like the DP-100, 80 and 75 in the eighties, the golden era for Japanese high-end products.
Denon went all-out with their POA-8000 mono-amplifiers and the even more rare to find PRA-6000 pre-amplifier.
These components presented the top of the line offerings from Denon at that time and they were enveloped in a beautiful case, with thick glass in the middle, graced by champagne colored anodized aluminum on the sides.

Denon introduced several new techniques to reach their goal for perfect amplification. The use of non-magnetic materials like glass and aluminum, non-feedback design, sliding Class A biasing (first implemented and patended by NelsonPass in his Threshold 800A) and a complete signalcorrecting amplifier (distortion detection and correction circuit) alongside the main amplifier.

State of condition
These components are almost 40 years of age and have been serviced (documented). This is a necessity for almost all audio equipment of this age and especially the power-amplifiers, complex as they are, need a well skilled technician to be maintained.
Aesthetically they show their age of course but apart from some mild scratches and dents, overall the set looks very clean.
Last service has been in June 2019.

The Denon PRA 6000 / POA-8000 combo sounds clean, focused and well defined. They currently drive a pair of Infinity’s with an array of EMIT planar transducers and there’s no trace of harshness with them other then when it is contained on the source in bad recordings. What you feed in is what you get out basically. That’s what amplifying a musical signal is all about.

The POA-8000 do not like loads like presented with Apogee Fullrange or the (in)famous Scintilla’s, Kappa 9 which goes under 2 Ohms between 20 and 50 Hz with a .8 Ohms dip at 33Hz (driving the midrange and highs would be great though) or any other inefficient loudspeaker that emulates being a nail to drive.
Due to the weight and nice aesthetics, these components will not be shipped and must be picked up at location so you can witness yourself that they’re in good working order before buying them.

Setprice (PRA-6000/ 2 x POA-8000) will be 4.500 EUR.
This is non negotiable, because that’s a price you won’t even find an POA-8000 pair alone (without the preamp) and this price reflects their age also.

Pictures are from the Denon history website.
Pictures of the actual components can be send.


  • Introduced in 1980
  • 200 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms
  • PRA-6000 weight: 14.3
  • POA-8000 weight: 22 kilograms per unit


  • Printed manual