About HEC


HighEndClassics.com (HEC) is a website for everyone interested in classic high-end audio equipment. The site’s main purpose is to provide enthusiasts, owners and potential buyers with information. With that, we aim to be as exhaustive as possible. We welcome all additional information visitors of HEC can provide us with.

What are the characteristics of a HEC item?
We realize that the choices we make on our website are subjective.
In broad sense, we make our selection of audio equipment on the basis of  a number of criteria:

• The device has been taken out of production at least 15 years ago.
• The device has been produced and sold in series.
• The device stands out in design, high-quality construction or technology.
• The (sound) quality of the device is maintained in the current technical standard.
Because of the above mentioned criteria the device still represents a relevant commercial value.

HEC is never complete or finished. New information and equipment is constantly added. The latest additions can always be found on the homepage.