Spectral SDR-2000

Spectral SDR-2000 The SRD-2000,  Spectrals Professional Processor. Even for most audiophiles Spectral Audio needs a introduction because it's a unique but low key audiomanufacturer. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley Spectral Audio was founded in 1977 by psychologist Richard Fryer who already worked at audio-companies when he was in college. The only other high-end pioneers in the amplifier business in that time were Audio-Research, Mark Levinson and Threshold (Nelson Pass). Their debut came in the same year with the dual monaural preamplifier MS-One that had some novelties like a superb noise free single-gainstage MC phono preamp and matching highly-accurate RIAA equalization. In 1980 the MS-One was superseded by the DMC-10 that proved to be the basic layout for decades to come.